750 Words Helped Me

TIL •5 min read
By: Dustin Delatore

Earlier this year I started privately writing 750 words every day. It didn’t matter what words I typed, just that I was typing. Most of the time I write jibberish along with the occasional complaining. At first it seemed like the keyboard was my psychiatrist.

Below is my favorite passage to date. The passage helped me realize the potential of annonymous writing daily. I felt the need to share.

I did it! I successfully wrote myself into the opportunity of a life time. I’ve been constantly writing about how I want to travel and experience the world and all of its different cultures. I have finally hit the jackpot while researching a new calendar app to take down my healthy meals for the week.

It all started with a few keystrokes of a dream and morphing into a very plausible reality. I’ve been writing these passages for only a few weeks now and I didn’t know what would come out of doing so. I enjoyed being able to write whatever I wanted with no judgement of grammar or telling me no I can’t do anything. I’ve had the ultimate freedom writing down my inner most thoughts to a permanent world where my dreams have a more possible outcome.

I’ve written about love, sex, travel, work, and health. I’ve touched on all of humans most prominent feelings. A few days ago I was at the gym when all of the sudden I looked in the mirror with disgust. I have been going to the gym for a significant amount of time and only seen a minimal amount of outcome. I was upset with myself. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to better my physical appearance.

I started looking through Instagram and finding inspiration of other body builders and looking at how they maintain a physic on budget or without the ability to cook. I found this one guy who was very inspiring. He attacked a lot of points that would benefit a college student. I took a lot of information from him and decided to take action. I knew all about the meal plans and Fitlife but always thought that they were too expensive. After reviewing their pricing plans and what they had to offer, I had no choice but to sign up. For around $900 a month I will get an entirely dedicated meal plan to help jumpstart a habit of eating healthier. I needed to lose the extra pounds and didn’t have the time or motivation to cook.

After spending the money and going through the entire plan I was ready to start a new habit for the new year. I was will to spend the extra money to get myself started on the right foot for a better eating habit.

This morning I ate my first breakfast before work ever. I haven’t had an actual breakfast before anything since I was in middle school. I can ell you from first hand experience that my metabolism kicked in faster than I could ever imagine. I’ll spare the details incase I actually read or write this article again.

Following my meal, I packed up my bag full of lunches and snacks for the rest of the work week. I was very awake and prepared for the day. I thought maybe if I kept a digital calendar of my meal plans I wouldn’t have to carry around this piece of paper with handwriting as my guide. I went straight to producthunt.com which is a very nice place to find new and innovative products.

One of the first products I looked at had nothing to do with calendars, but it intrigued me enough to click on it. The product was an aggregated list of startup founders articles on the web. Immediately the first article popped out at me, How I built a startup while traveling to 20 countries. I thought right away, this is exactly what I want to do with my life. I dove in head first and read the entire article. The author had carefully mapped out his expenses, work routine, cities traveled, and also discovered how more productive he was without a 9-5 holding him back creatively.

I couldn’t stop reading and looking through his mass amounts of links for resources on how a solo person much like myself can achieve such an advantageous dream. It hit me like a ton of bricks, not only is the absolutely humanly possible but there is a community of people who do the same thing. I now have a place where I can communicate with people who are currently on the grind and ask them about all of my pain points. I can get a better idea of how I want to attack this and come out better prepared than I ever thought I could.

When I first mustered up this idea I didn’t know how to start my planning. I thought about starting with picking out cities I would want to visit. Then I would check the costs of going to each city. Then I would do more research and more research. It was almost going to be a long process of research and never actually doing. What is the fun in that? Now I can speak with fellow ‘digital nomads’ as they call themselves and ask them all the questions I have and where to go for the price that perfectly fits my lifestyle.

I am very excited to be doing this and I hope this next step will push me further into the realm of possibilities. My life is now just beginning a new chapter and I can’t wait for the journey.