Making a Habit to Write a Post a Week

โ€ข2 min read
By: Dustin Delatore

I have this innate belief that Iโ€™m unable to create valuable content for my website. Iโ€™ve considered that the underlying issue stems from my college career, where I neglected my liberal arts writing classes. My confidence in writing has plummeted, since college, to an all time low. Iโ€™ve been unsuccessful at resurrecting a talent my high school teachers once saw in me (I can confirm because my mother remains in touch with one of them). Regardless, I believe that anyone can get better with practice and persistence. My motivation is from this video of Ira Glass โ€œOn Being Creativeโ€

Today, I mark my declaration to get better at writing.

Where do I begin

To start, I will first create a habit of writing. Iโ€™ve downloaded this app called Momentum to hold me accountable. Before now, Iโ€™ve written in a journal, at, mainly writing gibberish.

During my journal writing exercises, my writing has been me airing out grievances, contemplating the future, and just about anything that instantly pops into my head. I havenโ€™t been able to extract any value out of content I write, which brings me to my next point.

I plan to provide value

By writing weekly Iโ€™ll be able to form a consistent voice. With my new found voice, I hope to provide valuable content for those who find themselves reading my posts. My challenge will begin with writing consistently merged with writing on topics that matter to more than just myself. In the end, my intention is to empower myself by strengthening my writing abilities and escape the fear that my words are meaningless.

Below, Iโ€™ve composed a list of topics I plan on writing about. If any of this interests you, I hope to start a dialog beyond these written words.

  • Designer/Developer skills both known and learned
  • Social Entrepreneurship and how businesses can function as a force for good
  • Startup life
  • The power of nature on the mind, body, and spirit
  • Space and how it consistently blows my mind
  • My life experiences traversing the globe

Lastly, I want to note Iโ€™m using the app Grammarly to improve my writing skills.